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Dalan d’Olive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Dalan d’Olive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo was developed specially to help those who suffer from a dry, itchy scalp or dandruff. It contains Rich Active Complex to help prevent hair loss and silk protein to give softness to your hair.

Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Color Protection


Dalan d’Olive Colour Protection Shampoo with world famous Aegean olive oil nourishes your dyed hair without stripping the colour, making it last twice as long. You too will feel the benefits in just one week!

Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Volumising


Derived from organic ingredients, Dalan d’Olive Volumising Shampoo uses pure Aegean olive oil and natural rice protein to plump up thin hair making it visibly fuller and stronger. In just one week, you’ll start to see the benefits for yourself. It is especially suitable for dull or lifeless hair. Using the Dalan d’Olive Volumising hair care range regularly will give you back your luscious locks in no time!

Olive Natural Skincare: 7 Benefits you Need to Know

Olive oil is a product extracted from olives that grow as a staple for the Mediterranean diets. Many people apply it on skin and hair in addition to eating olives for nutritional benefits. The oil for olive natural skincare comes from pressing olives. It can be packed into a lotion or any other form.

Then, how to use natural olive oil for skin care?

Using natural oil as a moisturizer by applying directly onto the skin can provide all the benefits without adding any ingredients. You can clean off the excess oil with a cloth or towal. You can use it after suffering sunburn or when exposed to the sun.

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