Dalan D’Olive Repair Care Conditioner 200ml

Made from Aegean olive oil and wheat protein, Dalan d’Olive Hair Repairing Conditioner nourishes, strengthens and repairs damaged hair, preventing it from forming split ends. This natural conditioner gently untangles your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.

Wheat protein is a natural conditioning agent and helps to add strength to brittle or lifeless hair. Aegean olive oil contains a powerhouse of nutrients that penetrate deep into the hair and scalp and stimulate healthy cell growth.

Your hair will look thicker and smoother within a week of use.




Wheat Protein     Naturally strengthens and softens hair. Helps to make hair look thicker and shinier.

Olive Oil              Contains a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals. Suitable for sensitive, itchy scalps.


Use Dalan d’Olive Hair Repairing Conditioner hair products as part of your regular showering routine.

After applying Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo, take a small amount of hair repairing conditioner and rub it between your hands. Apply it evenly to your hair, working down the strands towards the ends. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently untangle any knots. Allow a few moments for the conditioner to penetrate and then rinse it out completely under running water. Use a towel to dry your hair afterwards.

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