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Hair is our crowning glory. However, due to several environmental and
chemical factors, it can look dry and damaged. When this happens, it can
significantly affect one's confidence.

The good news is that many solutions can repair and revitalize damaged hair. What's even better is that many of these solutions are made with natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about chemicals causing more damage to your hair later on.

If you are interested in repairing and revitalizing damaged hair using natural products, you are on the right page. This article will share the top natural product solutions that will make your hair look healthy and shiny all day.

Natural Products that Can Help Repair and Revitalize Damaged Hair

Here are some natural products that can restore your hair to its former glory:

● Olive Oil

Dying your hair can be fun because it allows you to be as creative as you can
be. However, the biggest problem is that the chemicals used for the dyes can significantly damage your hair. In some cases, dyed hair can look dull and super dry.

If this is your case, a natural product that can help you revitalize it is olive
oil. Although it is commonly used for cooking, it has properties that can help
rehydrate your hair and make it smooth again. Aside from that, it also helps
soften your hair.

The nice thing about olive oil is that it is readily available in any home
pantry. It is easy to use as well. Just apply it to the areas of your hair
that have severe damage, such as the tips, and leave it on like how you
would with a hair mask.

Do this twice a week with a 3-day interval until you get your desired results.
However, wait for a couple of days after you dye your hair before starting
this treatment.

●  Almond Oil

Almond oil is an excellent natural product for your hair if the damage that it
sustained is due to using bleach.

If you are not familiar with bleach, it is the chemical used to lighten the hair to achieve bright colors, such as platinum blond. The problem is that when you use bleach in your hair, powerful ones, you are severely damaging every strand of the hair for the melanin to dissolve.

In this case, an excellent natural product that can help your hair recover from the
damage caused by bleach is Almond oil. It is a sweet-scented oil that has
properties that can help bring back strength to your hair. It can also make it

To use almond oil to repair and revitalize your hair, apply a small
amount of it at the ends. It can decrease frizz and rehydrate it.

Most of the time, hair damage caused by bleach can take longer to recover.
While you are using natural products such as almond oil to help it revitalize,
make sure to moisturize and use sun protection to avoid further damage
constantly. Also, be careful with chlorine because it might give your hair a
nasty green hue.

●  Rice Water Rinse

Here's a natural product that could help revitalize hair damaged by bleach.
According to research, the water used when you rinse your rice has an
ingredient called Inositol. This property can penetrate deep into the damaged hair and repair it from the inside.

To use rice water, rinse to revitalize your hair, soak your hair with it
and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. The longer you can wash it, the better.
After that, rinse it properly. Do it every other day to get the best results.

● Coconut Oil

It's no secret that coconut oil is good for the hair. It is why it is a common ingredient in many shampoos, hair conditioners, and hair products. But, if you want to go all-natural, then you can opt for pure coconut oil.

Suppose your hair damage results from overusing heating tools; in that
case, coconut oil is a good remedy. It is primarily thanks to the oil's small
molecules that can thoroughly penetrate the outer layers of the hair and
hydrate it inside and out.

In addition, coconut oil also provides a protective layer on the outer layer of
the hair, preventing further breakage and damage.

Using coconut oil on your hair is very easy. If you plan on using the pure
version, you first need to warm it but not to the point where it's too hot that
it burns your hand or scalp.

● D'olive Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are not a fan of using pure olive oil to help repair your hair, then this
might be the natural product for you. It's a genuine pure olive oil soap that
gives you all the benefits of olive oil minus the hassle of removing it from
your hair. Plus, it will not make your hair feel greasy at all.

In addition, this shampoo and conditioner can help if you are suffering from
frizzy hair due to chemical or heat damage. It can soften the texture of the
hair and make it more manageable. At the same time, consistent use of
these products will eventually bring your hair back to its former healthy

D'Olive Shampoo and Conditioner does not have any heavy scent. It
means that it will not compete with the smell of your perfumes or body
lotions, making it also compatible with those sensitive to smell.

Final Words

Many think that using natural products to fix damaged hair is not so
effective. However, that is not always the case, especially with the solutions
mentioned above. Like anything else, the key to repairing damaged hair with
natural products is to use them consistently. With the right amount of
perseverance and patience, you will eventually achieve the healthy-looking
and shiny hair that you deserve.

Firat Aslan
Firat Aslan

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