Moisture Me On The Go Gift Pack ( Hand & Body Cream 75ml + Intensive Care Cream 20ml)

We keep on moving so should your favourite moisturizers be with you to fit in your hand bags to reach out o them every time you need to use them. Doctors say that we need a good moisturizers more than ever now, with repeat usage of hand sanitizer is now part of our daily routine inevitably. Dalan D’Olive Intensive care 20mL and Dalan D’Olive Hand & Body Cream 75mL will become your best friends once you use them and see the practical and visible benefits for yourself. Make sure your loved ones get the same level of protection and care like you do… Gifts to make you a super hero among your friend and loved ones.

75mL Dalan D’Olive Moisturizer plus 20mL Dalan D’Olive Intensive Care. All you need for a hydrated, smooth, healthy and lively skin, everywhere you go

Wholesale Min Qty Order: 36/each 18/each 9/each