Dalan D’Olive Hand Wash Nourishing 300ml

Keep the benefits of Aegean olive oil on tap with Dalan D’Olive Liquid Soap. No matter how many times you use it, this delightful hand wash will gently lift away the impurities that wind up on your hands throughout the day yet it won’t irritate or dry your skin. In fact, the powerhouse of nutrients it carries will help to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin.

Olive oil naturally contains Vitamins A and E – both essential for healing and maintaining healthy skin – along with zinc, iron, calcium and many B group vitamins.This organic hand wash also contains glycerin, a substance found naturally in the skin that attracts and binds moisture. It helps to maintain the skin’s outer barrier and prevent dehydration, dryness and scaling.


Olive Oil              Contains Vitamins A and E to optimise normal skin function and encourage healthy cell growth.

Glycerin               Attracts and binds moisture into the skin. Helps prevent skin dryness and dehydration.


Dalan D’Olive Liquid Soap is the perfect hand wash for the whole family. The handy pump pack helps keep your sink area clean. Simply dampen your hands and press the pump once or twice to apply the soap. Rub your hands together thoroughly to cleanse them and then rinse the soap off under running water. Dry your hands and apply Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream to maintain hydration.

Stock up and keep one in your ensuite, one in the kid’s or guest bathroom and keep a few spare so you never run out.


Wholesale Min Qty Order: 12/each