Gone are the days when chemical and scientific names were the dominant features in the ingredients section of hair products. The current consumer is increasingly becoming more sensitive to the ingredients that make up the products.
The manufacturers, on the other hand, are shifting gears and are now incorporating natural ingredients in their products. One such ingredient is olive oils.

Olive oil is one of the oils that are adaptable to many different functions. One that is notable among these functions is its usage as a natural hair care product.

So, are olive natural hair care products good for you? There are many beliefs surrounding this subject, with some people suggesting that olive oil is helpful in adding volume, shine and softness to your hair while others claim it can be useful in preventing dandruff and hair loss. Therefore, before settling on whether these products are good for you or otherwise, it is important to get a small recap on the past researches.


Scientists have grouped oils as one of the five conditioning mediums that help reduce friction on the hair, untwine the hair and curtail frizz.

A review undertaken in 2015 suggests that oils can be instrumental in preventing hair from harm because it penetrates the hair and minimises the quantity of water absorbed by the hair.
How you can use olive for your hair

Want to use olive oil as part of your hair care routine? Try the steps below:

Measure a small quantity of the olive oil

Apply the olive oil on parched areas of scalp or hair. This varies from one person to another.

Put on a shower cap to cover the hair, then allow the oil to sit on the hair for 15 minutes.

Rinse the hair with warm water to remove the oil.

Shampoo adequately and repeat this step until the hair is no longer greasy.


Although no research has gone past anecdotal evidence to prove that olive oil is indeed useful in hair care, the oil does have other beauty benefits.

These possible benefits include the following:

Great antioxidant levels that help prevent ageing prematurely.

It has a moisturising effect which helps to keep the skin supple and moist.

It has high levels of vitamins that may be beneficial to your kin.

Although anecdotal evidence points out that olive oil can be very helpful in hair care, there is limited research that can back up their claims. Before naming the olive oil as a cure for all the struggles of hair, more research might be necessary.
Application of olive oil to your hair for beauty treatment purposes is very easy and safe unless you have an allergy to it. For some people, their only concern is that olive oil leaves their hair feeling greasy and heavy instead of feeling soft and silky.
Why not consider using a natural hair product on your hair?