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Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Repair Care


Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Shampoo nourishes your scalp while strengthening and repairing damaged hair. It gently cleans and moisturises from root to tip, providing your hair with a natural softness and beautiful shine.

Dalan d’Olive Body & Massage Oil


Made from Aegean Olive Oil and Sesame Oil, Dalan D’Olive Body & Massage Oil is formulated to nourish and moisturise your skin, restoring its softness and natural shine. This all-natural product can be applied as a cleansing shower oil or massaged onto dry skin with smooth, even strokes to revitalise the body.

Dalan d’Olive Body Butter


Dermatologically tested in the German DermaConsult Institute, this divine body butter can safely be applied to sensitive skin and will also benefit those with dry skin and other minor skin conditions.

Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream 20mL


The olive oil in Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream, with its high vitamin E content and antioxidant properties, nourishes and protects your skin against the environmental factors that can cause dryness, redness and premature ageing.

Dalan Men Shaving Cream Sensitive


Many men with sensitive skin often find that shaving products can really irritate the skin. The Dalan Men range was developed for men who want practical and effective products without added fragrances or harmful chemicals. The ultra-moisturizing formula helps to protect skin from dryness.

(BUY ONE GET ONE) Dalan d’Olive Travel Kit



This handy travel pack contains 5 of your favourite Dalan d’Olive products and is suitable for carrying in your cabin bag on international flights. Perfect for holidays, business trips or visits to family and friends.

(BUY ONE GET ONE) Dolive Small Gift Pack



A great gift idea for all occasions including Christmas, Mother’s Day and birthdays. Includes Dalan d’Olive 100% Olive Oil Soap, Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream and Dalan d’Olive Intensive Hand & Body Cream.

Dalan d’Olive Repair Care Conditioner


Made from Aegean olive oil and wheat protein, Dalan d’Olive Repairing Care Conditioner nourishes, strengthens and repairs damaged hair, preventing it from forming split ends. This natural conditioner gently untangles your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.

Dalan d’Olive Intensive Hand & Body Cream


This triple-concentrate formula is soothing and highly-effective on serious skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and for assisting healing after radiology or surgery. Many customers have reported back to us that they found this natural product more effective for their condition than any other product on the market.

Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Volumising


Derived from organic ingredients, Dalan d’Olive Volumising Shampoo uses pure Aegean olive oil and natural rice protein to plump up thin hair making it visibly fuller and stronger. In just one week, you’ll start to see the benefits for yourself. It is especially suitable for dull or lifeless hair. Using the Dalan d’Olive Volumising hair care range regularly will give you back your luscious locks in no time!

Dalan d’Olive Shampoo Color Protection


Dalan d’Olive Colour Protection Shampoo with world famous Aegean olive oil nourishes your dyed hair without stripping the colour, making it last twice as long. You too will feel the benefits in just one week!

Dalan d’Olive Color Protection Conditioner


Made from Aegean olive oil and pearl protein, Dalan d’Olive Colour Protection Conditioner nourishes, strengthens and protects your coloured hair by smoothing the cuticle and trapping the dye pigment, making it last longer. You will notice the difference after the first few washes.