Our Story

Some 10 years ago Dalan D’Olive Australia’s founder, Firat Aslan, had some serious skin issues that affected his everyday life as well as his performance at work.

Over the next 3 years Firat saw many different dermatologists. By the end of that period, he realised that he had spent more than $15,000 on his condition and that there weren’t many dermatologists or medications left to be tried.

Firat was left suffering without much hope until one day his mother called to recommend Dalan D’Olive’s 100% Olive Oil Soap to him. After only 3 days of use his skin issues were gone for good!

Firat then seriously started thinking of introducing this amazing range to Australia; especially after he learned of the many thousands of Australians who were, like him, sufferers of distressing skin issues and almost out of options. The available medications simply didn’t offer enough relief. The fancy brands of natural products he came across claimed a lot but hardly helped at all and were ridiculously expensive.

Soon after, Firat became the Australian distributor of Dalan D’Olive products. They are now available online throughout Australia and through over 200 pharmacies in New South Wales. All going well, they will be available in new Queensland and Victorian locations before the end of 2016.