As a staple addition to the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is well known to be the perfect choice for stir-fries or salad dressing. Not many are familiar with the benefits provided by olive oil for external use. Made from pressing olives, the oil is available in different forms.

It is available in different grades with the most common types being virgin and extra virgin oil. While virgin oil is derived from olives via physical or mechanical means that do not change the nature of the oil, extra virgin oil denotes the highest olive oil grade. It characterises high-quality olive juice and good flavour. Let us explore how it is beneficial for the skin and face.

Using Olive Oil for Skin Care

Olive oil was commonly used in ancient times as a skin care agent. Olive oil for skin proves beneficial in many ways. The major benefit is the moisturising effect it has on skin. Light olive oil or oil that has been processed using chemicals should be avoided. Use top quality oil of extra virgin grade. Since you will be using only a small quantity, using expensive grade oil will not affect your budget.

However, if you plan to use the oil in your bath water to moisturise your whole body, it is best to use the refined or virgin type.

Olive Oil Soap

When used in soaps and lotions, this oil helps moisturize your skin, fights bacteria causing acne, hydrates your skin, and reverses or prevents damage caused by ultraviolet radiation on your skin. The vitamins present in it also help to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Olive oil soaps generally contain refined oil or pomace as they are less expensive and better for soap preparation. If your olive oil soap develops orange coloured spots, it is and indication that the virgin oil used in it is old.

Face Care Ingredient

If you have dry skin, using olive oil for your skin care is a good choice. When used along with honey, ground oats, and egg white, the oil helps to hydrate and soften your skin and leaves your face looking fresh and glowing.

The antioxidant property also makes olive oil an excellent wrinkle treatment. You can dab the oil all around your eyes during the night or after long exposure to the sun.

You can also apply it directly on your face and remove the excess oil using a cloth or towel to gently blot it off. This is particularly effective after you are exposed to sunlight or have a sunburn.

While olive oil provides several benefits for skin and face, make sure you use good quality oil regardless of its grade. The quality may damaged due to the use of overripe and damaged olives, or if it is exposed to too much oxygen, light and heat during transportation. It is, therefore, important to look for properly certified and labelled oil for the best benefits. Make sure you test the oil on a tiny patch of skin before you go all out on your olive oil treatment.