Dalan D’Olive Hand & Body Cream for Sunburn?

Dalan D’Olive Hand & Body Cream for Sunburn?

Customers behind increased demand for Safe Sunburn Relief
Here at Dalan d’Olive, like any other business, we rely on feedback from our customers and distributors to help us determine how much of each product to supply. Products that don’t sell well are reviewed and replaced if needed. We know we are on a winner, though, when demand continues to increase.
That’s what happened recently with our Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream. It has always been a popular product but suddenly, sales started to increase rapidly from one distributor in particular. Although we had a prominent display at this pharmacy, we hadn’t done any targeted promotions in the area so we contacted the owner to ask what had changed.

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Good news spreads fast
The owner confirmed that he had not changed our display or promoted the products in any way. What he did notice was that more and more customers were coming in specifically asking for our Hand and Body Crème by name. They wanted it to treat sunburn.
Further investigation revealed that most of these customers were women from the local sporting clubs. Their sports, including tennis, cricket, golf and netball, all involve a lot of time spent in the sun. While they do their best to be sun smart, sunburn is still a problem.
One lady, who had spent a long day out on the golf course, came home with a particularly bad case because she had left her sunscreen at home. She already used Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream for her daughter’s eczema and knew it worked well so she tried it on her sunburn straight away and reapplied it every few hours.
The next day, her skin was nowhere near as damaged and sore as she had expected it to be. She told her friends at the club and also the mums at her daughter’s school. Soon they all came to their local pharmacy asking for what they called the ‘miracle cream’.
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Instant results
In a separate instance, Charlotte, a friend of the Dalan d’Olive management, turned to us as she also had a case of severe sunburn. We gave her some Hand & Body Cream which she applied around 5 pm. She rang us the next morning to say that it had worked wonders and her skin was now much cooler and less irritated than it had been the night before.
What happens when skin burns?
Our skin cells have roughly a 28-day cycle of regeneration. They form in the deepest layers of the epidermis (the middle layer of the skin) and as they die off, they move towards the surface. UVB light rays can penetrate and damage cells in the epidermis, while UVA rays can reach the dermis (the deepest skin layer). The dermis houses blood vessels, hair follicles, glands and the nerve endings that provide our sense of touch and heat.
Damage to these layers can alter the DNA of our skin and trigger immune responses such as inflammation and a build-up of fluid between the cells. These reactions lead to hot, red, itchy and very sensitive skin which can sometimes take weeks or months to heal completely.
Even if your sunburn does not appear to be severe, the damaged cells can no longer protect the new, softer cells beneath them.
How does Dalan d’Olive Hand and Body Crème help treat sunburn?
Our ‘wonder cream’ contains vitamin A and E plus glycerin which work together to heal the skin rapidly. Vitamins A and E are natural antioxidants and are both essential for cell regeneration. We normally have enough for day-to-day cell growth but damaged skin needs extra help to heal faster.
Glycerin attracts and moisture into the skin like a magnet and binds it there to prevent dehydration and irritation. It is a form of sugar that is found naturally in the body, so it works in harmony when applied topically, too.
Sun care tips
With skincare, prevention is always better than cure so, as much as possible, follow the classic sun smart tips. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on sunglasses.
Don’t be fooled by cloudy days. It is the level of UV radiation, more than the heat from direct sunlight, that causes the most skin damage. Check the UV index daily when you check the weather forecast. If it is 3 or above, avoid being exposed to sunlight for long periods and protect yourself as much as possible.
If you do get burnt, follow these steps:
• Act fast to cool the skin down. Try a cold compress or a quick, cool shower or bath.
• Avoid using harsh soaps and anything that can irritate the skin.
• Keep yourself hydrated as burns draw fluid away from other areas of the body.
• Use a gentle moisturiser to help stop the skin drying out and flaking.
• Seek medical help if needed.
For effective damage-control, keep some Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body Cream handy with your first-aid products. If you can’t find it at your local pharmacy, ask them to contact us or order directly from our website.

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