Organic means being both environmentally and human friendly. When we talk of organic we put into our thoughts the issue of global warming arising from the heavy chemical loads that are being manufactured daily. . We talk of motor vehicles and factories emitting carbon dioxide in bulk into the air and the negative environmental impacts they cause. But have we considered the health and beauty industries?
If we can embrace the organic way of manufacturing, then we will be moving forward in the fight against global warming. We can minimise the amounts of chemicals released in the air and water sources.
One way of conserving the environment is by embracing the use of organic skin care products.

These products are mild and gentle on the skin, causing no side effects, irritation or any allergies on the skin. It doesn’t affect the environment either.

Aromatherapy is a perfect example of organic health and beauty obtained from natural oils which are not contaminated with chemicals.

Some of the preservatives used to extend the life of convention beauty products are synthetics and simulate one’s natural hormones.
Though there are people who are allergic to natural ingredients, some damages caused by conventional products can be very harmful.
Organic products, both health and beauty, in their pure form, are healing to an individual suffering from any of the following:

>Skin sensitivity
>Wrinkles and ageing
>Dry or oily skin
Damaged skin either from too much exposure to sun or water etc.

Every beauty and healing you need is in nature.
However, it is important to take note that organic products should be free from:

>Artificial fragrance and colours.
>Isopropyl alcohol.
>Sodium lauryl

Olive oil skin care benefits

Olive oil comes in many forms and has many purposes, both in health and in beauty.

The skin achieves a much stable and permanent look because the skin, through the natural nutrients it’s getting, is able to detoxify naturally creating smooth and even-toned skin.
It contains antioxidants which prevent oxidation caused by ultraviolet radiation that is believed to cause cancer.
It has a variety of vitamins; A, D, E and K, which help in detoxification and replenishing of the skin.
Other than rehydrating the skin, it has the ability to kill bacteria that cause acne.

It can also be used as a moisturiser and can also serve as an alternative to sunscreen.

The importance of organic skin care products cannot be underestimated. From its diverse benefits for the skin and general health due to its resourcefulness regarding environmental conservation, any person will most likely find this product worthwhile. However, there are a few people that believe the olive oil leaves their skin greasy and feeling uncomfortable.
It is thus prudent to do a lot of groundwork before settling on the actual beauty product that is equally good for both you and the environment.