If you are looking for a natural ingredient that provides wholesome benefits for your body, olive oil is the one stop solution for most of your skin, face, and health issues.
Yes, olive oil cover an extensive range of uses that will leave you amazed at the amazing nature of the substance. While it is not possible to enumerate all the benefits here, you can find a few important and routine uses of this oil.

1. Makes skin smooth and soft

The rough knees, elbows, and other vexing patches in your body can easily be turned into soft and supple skin in a matter of few days.
Rub a few drops of oil on the rough and unsightly patches daily. Make sure the oil soaks well into your skin. In a few days, you will notice the difference.

2. Clean, smooth, and safe shave

All shaving creams, even the ones that promise organic ingredients, have harsh dyes, scents or chemicals added to them. Try olive oil for a change. It is a natural lubricant and safe to use. More important is the fact that it helps you get a closer and clean shave. In fact, many shaving creams have olive oil as a major ingredient.
3. Soothe sore lips
Olive oil can be used directly or along with beeswax to make an effective lip balm. When using beeswax, mix the oil and beeswax in a ratio of 1:1. This mix is much better than the petroleum products that is generally used as lip balm.

4. Give your cuticle a boost with olive oil

Pamper your cuticles and keep them healthy with olive oil rub. This oil is great for cracked or split cuticles. It helps rehydrate the cuticles and also maintains your toe and fingernails healthy and soft. Mix equal amounts of warm water and olive oil (1/4 cup is ideal) and soak your toes and fingers for a few minutes.
Olive oil also helps nails grow due to its rich vitamin content, moisturizing ability, and antioxidant property. Instead of mixing with water, you can also soak your nails directly in the oil for about 20 minutes once in a week for gaining the full benefits.

5. Treat coughs with olive oil

If you have a persistent cough and want a safe and effective home remedy, this oil is a good choice. A few sips of organic olive oil can cure dry coughs effectively. It helps to reduce cough by lubricating your throat and reducing the cough urge. The first sip of it can increase your cough though, due to the phenols present in it which give the olive oil its antioxidant properties. You can combine lemon and honey with half a cup of the oil for a more soothing mix.
Even if you are not big on using home remedies, olive oil uses are proven to be effective and will make you believe in home remedies. The health effects on skin, hair, and body as a whole make olive oil an important ingredient to have at home.