Why Stock Our Products ?

Why Should You Stock and Support Dalan d’Olive ?

Here’s 16 reasons why

  • Dalan d’Olive is the only range in Australia that covers all skin conditions and hair concerns of people with sensitive skin, scalp and hair concerns,


  • Australia’s ONLY range approved by world’s strictest Independent  Dermatological Testing Authority DermaConsult of Germany,


  • Manufactured using ONLY REACH approved ingredients REACH is world’s most strictest ingredients approval & tracking system by the European Union,


  • Sell or Swap Policy ensures you will always win; all our products sell well however for an extra piece of mind and security , Dalan D’Olive Australia offers Sell or Swap which basically allows you to swap any products not selling at all with products moves very well for you,


  • National pricing policy that provides an ongoing special prices to pharmacies which allows between 30% to 50 % discounts compared to even our company website prices,


  • Developed based on hundreds of years of traditional olive oil remedies for both skin and hair care needs,


  • The ONLY natural skin care range in Australia affordable for the entire nation not only 5% to 10% of the population ONLY. 75+ % of Australians are reported to have one or another type of skin issues.


  • No products over $20 including the gift pack varieties;


  • All products are under $10 except for 4 products which are the 400mL Shampoos, 250mL Body Butter and 250mL Body & Massage Oil which retail at only $12.95 to $14.95


  • 4 products sell at incredible under $3 mark,


  • Australia’s only 100% Olive Oil soap retails at $2.49


  • Australia’s best Hand & Body Moisturisers , huge 250mL tube retailing at $8.95


  • Ongoing in-store and take home testers support for customer to ensure we build local fans and repeat buyers to support your sales on an ongoing basis,


  • Exceptional support and customer service, very enthusiastic and passionate team ,
  • Proven skin and hair care solutions approved by many Australians as young as 3 months old and as old as 95 years old. The only range that sell equally well at lowest to highest income earning suburbs, metro and regional areas ,


  • Ongoing product development and new products introductions.